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Talcum Powder

Talc possesses chemical inertness, high dielectric strength, high thermal conductivity and low electric conductivity which make it useful for ceramic and refractory applications. Talc acts as a flux by lowering the firing temperature and quickening the firing time. Talc increases thermal shock resistance, electrical resistance and thermal expansion at elevated temperatures, thereby preventing glaze cracking. Our talc products, Supra & Ceram-II possess high temperature resistivity and low level of impurities, thus, making it favourable in the manufacturing of ceramic bodies, tiles and insulators. It also possesses low thermal expansion and dimensional stability along with low dielectric loss. These properties make it very useful for electrical porcelain, stoneware application. Due to high chemical purity with high whiteness, some of premium grades are preferred in Ceramic glaze application. Their low iron content makes it preferable for electro ceramic application. Since Pharmaceuticals are consumed by human beings, hence, in their manufacturing, talc compounded into products acceptable by the human body are required. Thus, Talc, of high chemical purity (free from harmful Asbestos and Biminerals) is preferredSfor them. Talc ore is ground to a semi fine powder to produce and maintain the right size and shape spectrum and controlled particle size distribution.

Our talc products have high chemical purity and platy particle shape thereby providing the desired features to the pharmaceutical products in which they are added.
In Cosmetics, talc is compounded into products which are not absorbed by the human body. Thus, talc of high chemical purity, more than 99%, (free from Asbestos and Biminerals) is preferred.

Talc ore is ground to a semi fine powder to produce and maintain the right size and shape spectrum and controlled particle size distribution thus avoiding the clogging of skin pores and thereby maintaining normal body functions of perspiration etc.

Talc products Besta and Finex, maintain lubricity to skin over a longer period because of their high purity and platy particle shape. Talc also imparts softness and high perfume retention.

Talc acts as a lubricant, non-sticking and mould releasing agent during manufacturing. It is used even at an elevated temperature in rubber manufacturing. Talc being hydrophobic in nature reinforces the cured rubber and imparts good insulation properties in specialised applications. Our talc products are free from grittiness and biminerals thereby avoiding reduction of tensile strength and premature cracking. Talc, which is chemically pure, with extremely low level of iron, manganese and copper; enhances durability of rubber compounds. Platy particle shape of our talc enhances reinforcing behaviour with rubber to impart better functional properties like tensile strength, elasticity, heat deflection temperature, dimensional stability etc.
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